Zero Waste

We provide zero waste services for local businesses and special events.

Business that generates food waste, either front or back of house?

Our team can provide the assistance to staff, create custom educational materials and provide a greener image for your business.

With our organic waste hauling service, we provide outside collection containers, compostable products including bags, cutlery and flatware and education.

Are you an event organizer looking to reduce the amount of solid waste leftover from your next gathering?

Our team can provide the strategy and manpower you need to organize a minimal or zero waste event.

With our organic waste hauling service, your waste will first be sorted and then deposited in our compost piles or delivered to a local recycling center. Big Red Worms has performed organic waste hauling for a variety of events, including:

  • weddings & receptions

  • graduation parties

  • corporate outings

  • reunions

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