Harness the power of worm compost to create better soil.

Community Composting Initiative

Interested in composting but don’t have the space for it at home?

With a subscription to our Community Composting Initiative, you will gain full access to our city wide collection sites. Do your part to contribute less to landfills and more to sustainable solutions like composting. Our blog has information about Acceptable/Not Acceptable Items List and the drop off Location List.

Purchase a subscription to our Community Composting Initiative today.

What is vermicompost?

Worm Compost (vermicompost, vermicastings or worm castings) is the excrement of the worm, or worm poop. Worm compost is very dark, crumbly and smells like earth. The worm casting does not stink and is alive with microorganisms, plant growth hormones, and nutrients.   

Did you know that vermicompost is seven times richer in plant nutrients compared to compost created mostly by fungi and bacteria? Research has showing even small amounts mixed into soil suppress diseases and insects. 

We take the work out of raising worms for those that can’t, but  you don’t need a large plot of land to get into vermicomposting or helping with the composting effort in our city. Check out our Community Composting Initiative or stop by our shop to get some DIY supplies!

Check out our blog for more information and educational material related to vermicomposting!

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