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Residential CurbsideThis item is an 0$ item which will allow us to create a preliminary list of Lincolnites, Omahaians and those in between, who are interested in organic waste diversion from the landfill.  This service could replace the yard waste collection from your current waste hauler, organics only, or a mixture of both items, to be determined based on demand.

Additionally we are considering offering recycling services,

Big Red Worms will need to order containers, determine routes, establish procedures regarding the container cleanliness as well as a potentially endless list of other things unthought of prior to implementation of a new service

We will be following up with all interested parties in the coming weeks we me make a determination to move forward or not.

We appreciate your support and Go Big Red Worms!

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Curbside Organics, Glass Recycling, Aluminum Can Recycling, Mixed Paper, Cardboard, #1-#5 Plastic


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