13 Gallon Natur-Bag Compostable Waste Bag


Width: 23.5 in.
Length: 29 in.
Gauge: 0.9 Mil
Quantity: 250 per roll


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Engineered Strong for the Toughest Organic Waste Collection Jobs

Natur-Bag® 100% compostable bags are important tools for diverting organic waste to compost facilities. They are sturdy, tear resistant, have leak-proof seals and help control odor. Natur-Bag offers a full-line of 100% compostable waste bags


Natur-Bag compostable plastic bags help reduce the use of traditional plastics because they are not made from polyethylene. They are certified by the Biodegradable Products Institute (BPI) to fully biodegrade in a professionally managed compost facility. Look for the BPI logo printed on the bags and boxes. Only products certified by the BPI can use this logo and it allows the bags to be easily accepted by composting facilities and in yard waste disposal programs. Natur-Bag also works to make our packaging sustainable using recycled kraft paperboard and reducing packaging where it can too.

Natur-Bag® products meet all requirements for ASTM D6400, the US standard for compostable plastic bags.

Look for the Biodegradable Products Institute certification to ensure that products are truly biodegradable and compostable.

Natur-Bag® products meet all requirements for EN 13432, a European standard for compostable packaging.
Big Red Worms recommends the use of the 13 or 5 gallon bag in buckets with Gamma Seal lids that are used for as part of the Community Composting Project

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