June 8, 2017

Community Composting Locations

The community composting program is our newest initiative to help divert food waste from the landfill for residential customers.  We currently have four sites located in different areas of Lincoln, all of which are currently open for use by the community at large.  We do ask that you visit the acceptable materials list to familiarize yourself with what should not go into the bins. These bins are not for your yard or garden waste, if you would like us to do that, please contact us directly. In the near future all bins will be locked with a new code emailed out monthly.

Our current drop off locations for food waste are located in these areas of town:

NW39th and Mathis – Air Park at our Facility
56th and Madison
56th and Hwy 2
13th and South
Hwy 77 and West O

Once you have subscribed to the service you will receive updates in email as we add locations, increase capacity or have special events. Our locations are available year round and we only ask you to please respect those that have been gracious enough to host our collections containers.

For more information email or call 402.476.9340