Climate Change, Rain and Water Holding Capacity

I am sitting here at the desk today, well because it is raining once again.  How do these changing weather patterns affect farmers and plants?  The main factor is water holding capacity.  We are seeing chaotic shifts from hot to cold, dry to wet, very wet to even wetter.  A […]

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Repurposing leaves to create leaf mould

Residential Curbside

In the fall of 2016, we were able to start the process of collecting leaves for the creation of leaf mould thanks to the help of the University of Nebraska bringing us truckloads of leaves.  The Nebraska Today ran a story about our work with them and you can find it […]

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Community Composting Locations

The community composting program is our newest initiative to help divert food waste from the landfill for residential customers.  We currently have four sites located in different areas of Lincoln, all of which are currently open for use by the community at large.  We do ask that you visit the acceptable materials […]

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