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Do you live in a place where you can’t compost but hate throwing those organics into the landfill? Big Red Worms has the solution, Community Composting.  Our fine city offers multiple drop off locations around the town for your recyclables, but alas we are not able to compost there.  What do we do?

Subscribe today to our service and you can then begin to utilize any of our community collection sites. Currently we have 4 sites located in diverse areas of Lincoln, reducing your need to travel too far to a site.  Once you sign up we will send you the locations of all of our sites and to say thank you, we will give you a 5 gallon bucket of compost for your garden.

Currently our sites are open to the public on a free will basis, but we encourage you to sign up and help us prosper.

Visit us at the Old Cheney Road Farmers Market to get information or email us at

With your help we can make a change, in our community and the world.  Visit our Blog post to find out more about the locations where the bins are located.

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